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Hello world, I’m on IP!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
Lotsa ways to skin a cat!
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Lotsa ways to skin a cat!

My first post in Blogs.

A little bit of background: doing some community workshops on foreign aid (1975) I saw that even well-intentioned experts swamped discourse … their social skills and huge knowledge just flooded the proceedings. Since then I’ve been working to enable what I call “participatory deliberation“.
In 2003 I came up with a design … I say it combines Jurgen Habermas’ “discourse ethics” with John Willinsky’s work on OpenAccess. But I’m not a programmer … I code well enough for proof of concept, but not enough for deployment. So I’ve been spinning my wheels.

IssuePress using WordPressMU is my attempt at a “retail level” implementation of my design principles: not news, not chatter, not for fun … idea being that the community is better served by a heart-felt 42 words than by yet.another scholarly tract or self-serving blog post.

So this site will put my system to the test. At the moment it’s huh huh pre-alpha. But expect an issue-oriented process “real soon now”.

“Why search? Stuff isn’t lost … how about just “look and find“?”

p.s. FYI: “Gnodal” on participatory deliberation and “Groundplane 101”

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