Hello world, I’m on IP!

Lotsa ways to skin a cat!
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Lotsa ways to skin a cat!

My first post in Issuepress.com Blogs.

A little bit of background: doing some community workshops on foreign aid (1975) I saw that even well-intentioned experts swamped discourse … their social skills and huge knowledge just flooded the proceedings. Since then I’ve been working to enable what I call “participatory deliberation“.
In 2003 I came up with a design … I say it combines Jurgen Habermas’ “discourse ethics” with John Willinsky’s work on OpenAccess. But I’m not a programmer … I code well enough for proof of concept, but not enough for deployment. So I’ve been spinning my wheels.

IssuePress using WordPressMU is my attempt at a “retail level” implementation of my design principles: not news, not chatter, not for fun … idea being that the community is better served by a heart-felt 42 words than by yet.another scholarly tract or self-serving blog post.

So this site will put my system to the test. At the moment it’s huh huh pre-alpha. But expect an issue-oriented process “real soon now”.

“Why search? Stuff isn’t lost … how about just “look and find“?”

p.s. FYI: “Gnodal” on participatory deliberation and “Groundplane 101”


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  1. Bernard (ben) Tremblay Says:

    Brought up “Are folk using categories as different than tags?” with Lorelle. I’m going to add some of her material here below. Or maybe as addendum in the original post.

    Sweet. I’ll just edit HTML on this comment, for the moment.

    * Categories and Tags
    * Category Names
    * Tags Are Not Categories – Got It?
    *   Carthik Sharma: Tags are not Categories
    * Learning from Lorelle: Linking to Pages, Categories, Tags, etc etc; Tips: WordPress Site Structure and Organization
    * Lorelle VanFossen on WordPress.tv: Tags and Categories: Are You Uncategorized?

    Ooh! I so love looking through old bookmarks! Just now found this, from EContent Magazine: Facets in your Future

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